Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be “Lowcountry Senior Network” hereafter referred to as LSN.

Article II – Mission

The Lowcountry Senior Network is the premier networking organization for professionals in the Lowcountry who are committed to providing quality services to seniors, caregivers, and adult children.

Article III – Membership

Membership in the LSN is open to any individual in the tri-county that serves seniors and their families.

Becoming A Member

The steps required for membership include:

1. Each member may attend their first two meetings as a guest. A $20 fee is required to attend additional meetings without becoming a member.

2. Continued attendance requires completion of an annual, online Application for Membership, including a signed Code of Ethics and payment of dues by each individual member.

Good Standing

A member is considered in good standing if the following conditions are met:

· Membership dues are current.
· Each member is expected to commit to active participation in one committee.
· Each member is expected to attend 8 out of 12 general membership meetings.

Each member must meet any individual obligations to LSN that may have been previously incurred. Any member not in good standing may be subject to termination of membership after consideration and review by the LSN Board of Directors and Officers. Communication with members will be made by email or through the LSN website. Members are responsible for keeping their contact information up-to-date by submitting any changes through the website only.

Article IV – Dues

Annual dues will be established as part of the annual budget. Dues are payable in January of each year and cover the calendar year. Any member failing to pay the annual dues by February 15th of the current year will no longer be considered a member; unable to participate in meetings, and their contact information will be removed from the LSN Directory. Dues received from new members after November 15th will be considered as payment of the next year’s annual dues. No prorating of dues will be made.

Members are encouraged to bring potential new members and guests to LSN meetings. However, after attending their first meeting, the potential member has the option of attending two (2) more meetings as a guest for $20 for each meeting. Following the third meeting, potential members must join in order to participate.

Article V – Board of Directors and Officers

LSN will be governed by a Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as the Board) made up of five officers, the Committee Chairman, and the Immediate Past President. These officer positions and their duties are:

· The President shall be the chief elected officer, and preside at all regular meetings of LSN and Board meetings. The President shall also represent LSN in its affairs.

· The First Vice President shall serve as President when the President is unable to perform those duties. Shall be designated as the President-Elect and will serve as President in the following year. Shall serve as the Chair of the Nominating Committee. Shall oversee the Membership and Website Chairs.

· The Second Vice-President shall serve as Co-Chair of the Nominating Committee. Shall oversee the Collaboration and Public Relations Chairs. Shall be designated as First Vice-President in the following year.

· The Secretary shall keep minutes of LSN Board meetings and make them available for review. The Secretary will be responsible for collecting and distributing mail received at the LSN post office box or other designated location. The Secretary will also be responsible for sending out correspondence as needed on behalf of LSN.

· The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies and funds of LSN, shall publish periodic financial reports and the annual budget of LSN to the Board, and shall disburse funds as directed by the Board. Financial records may be subject to audit by a member, who is not an officer, appointed by the Board.


The President and the Treasurer shall each be able to authorize the disbursement of LSN funds in accordance with the annual budget. Board approval is required of expenditures outside of the approved annual budget as long as those expenditures fall within the scope of the mission of LSN.


Officers will serve in their positions for the full calendar year. The exception is the position of Treasurer who will serve in their position for two consecutive calendar years. Upon completion of the election of new officers and the Board in December of each year, the remainder of the calendar year will be used by the current officers and incoming officers for the forthcoming year to work together to plan for a smooth transition in January.


Vacancies, which may occur during the course of the year due to resignation or another inability of the individual to continue to serve, shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board.
The Board will meet at the request of the President or two other officers but no less than quarterly. Committee Co-Chairs may attend the Board Meetings as non-voting members in place of or at the discretion of the Committee Chairman. In the absence of the Chairman and at the Chairman’s direction, the Co-Chairman may exercise voting privileges on behalf of the chairman. The Board may appoint committees and their Chairmen and Co-Chairmen to address specific needs of LSN, as deemed appropriate. The Standing Committees of the Lowcountry Senior Network will be designated by the Board and may include, but are not limited to:

· Membership – Maintains membership records, develops member orientation, and follows up with first-time guests; secures meeting location; sponsors; speakers; and greeters; ensures committee Chairs receive a list of members assigned to their committee Responsible for Member of the Month drawing and placement on website, also responsible for handing to LSN guests the LSN Welcome Packet.

· Collaboration – Establishes networking opportunities for members at least one meeting per quarter; establishes outside meeting social events for members and guests at least one per quarter.

· Public Relations – Maintain Community Outreach by partnering with organizations serving seniors in the Lowcountry. The goal is to have a quarterly outreach project. Create publicity to raise awareness about Lowcountry Senior Network thus increasing membership. Publicize monthly meetings in local Print Media; on social media sites, calendars and websites. Also, publicize special events before and after the occurrence.

· Administrative Assistant will support LSN as needed.

Article VI – Nominating Committee

The Board will appoint a nominating committee in September of each year, chaired by the President-Elect. In the event that there is no President-Elect, the Board shall appoint a chair of this committee. The nominating committee shall have three members in good standing. All nominations must have the prior consent of the nominee. Nominations will not be taken from the floor during the annual meeting. The Nominating Committee will present to the Board a proposed Slate of Officers, Committee Chairmen, and Co-Chairmen. Pending approval by the Board, the Slate will be presented for approval by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

Article VII – Regular Meetings

Regular meetings will be held each month. Members will be notified via email and/or via the LSN website.

Article VIII – Annual Meeting

In November of each year, a regular meeting of LSN will be designated as the annual meeting at which members shall vote to elect a slate of new officers. Each member in good standing, who is present at the meeting, is entitled to one vote. Proxies will not be accepted. A simple majority of members present in good standing are required to elect officers, subject to there being a quorum.

Article IX – Special Meeting

A special meeting may be called by the President, or other officers or a written request of one-third of all members in good standing.

Article X – Amendments

The Board may propose amendments to the Bylaws. Proposed amendments to the Bylaws will be published to all members under the direction of the First Vice-President prior to the meeting at which they will be voted upon. A two-thirds vote of the members in the good standing present at the meeting will be required to pass an amendment. Amendments are effective when passed unless otherwise specified.

Article XI – Quorum

Fifty percent (50%) of the members of LSN shall constitute a quorum at any regular, annual, or special meeting. At least six Board members must be present to constitute a quorum at a Board Meeting.

Article XII – Code of Ethics

All LSN members must commit to the LSN Code of Ethics as a condition of membership in good standing. Suspected violations of the Code of Ethics by a member shall be reported to the President or First Vice- President who will convene a special meeting of the Board of Directors if needed. The Board will review any reported violations, make the necessary inquiries, meet with the member(s) in question and issue any disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion from membership in the LSN.